Why Choose Race1

The Race1 Triple Guarantee

1. On weight: Your boat will be delivered to the appropriate weight.  You may think this sounds strange, however many imports (especially the cheaper ones) are made in a hurry and will be heavier than you expect.  With a Race1 boat, you will get the weight you expect, every time.  After all, every extra kilo has to be hauled through the water!

2. Rigging ready: When you receive your Race1 boat, we will conduct a full pre-delivery check just like when you buy a new car.  You’ll be confident your new boat will be ready to perform at its absolute best on day one. If you have specific rigging requirements for your crew, we will set the boat up according to your requirements.  We will also make sure the boat is tuned and pitched to perfection.  Please note: we will tighten all riggers for your new boat, however, please be aware that some loosening may occur after your first few rows.  If you require advice on how to set up and rig your boat, Race1 is here to help.

3. Hull material 100% specified: You will get what you expect with a Race1 hull.  You may be surprised to know that many imported boats have second-rate materials used in the hidden areas of their hull. For instance, we have seen Chinese “carbon fibre” boats in our repair workshop with liberal amounts of fiberglass used secretly.  The problem with this is – not only are you not getting what you paid for, but you are rowing a heavier boat (probably over the claimed weight). At Race1, we guarantee that you will get the materials specified on your order, without exceptions.

Better care in selection of boats
We will make sure you are lined up with the PERFECT boat for you or your crew.  If you are ordering a boat for personal use, we will take measurements and develop the optimum boat size, shape and rigging to maximise your speed and pleasure.

Superb service after the sale
At Race1 we want you as a customer for life.  In fact, most of our private customers come back to buy their second or third boats from us.   Just as important as finding a good boat is knowing you have the backing of the manufacturer no matter what happens.

No Cheap and Nasty Imports
- Many people have been caught out by cheap imports that fall apart after limited use.  We know, because we end up repairing them.  When we look into their shells, in the parts you normally can’t see, we often come accross faulty boatbuilding - or, worse, fibreglass resin slopped over what a purchaser thought was a carbon fibre structure.
- At Race1 we will never EVER ship a bad boat.  We have the most highly trained team of boat-builders and technicians in the country and our pride will not allow a boat to leave our workshop until we are confident that it will meet the strictest quality checks.
- Of course, cheap boats are usually a false economy as they fall apart rapidly and are far less able to be restored.  Race1 boats, on the other hand, will usually remain in your fleet for decades.

We are Australia’s last remaining 100% locally built manufacturer.