Rowing Boat Repairs and Services

The sport of rowing can be tough on equipment.  And accidents happen. When things wear out, or your boat is involved in an accident, Race1 can help. Here are some of our most common repairs.

Accident repair
When you have an accident - whether from a drop, rigger impact or boat collision - Race1 can repair your boat in no time.


Total refurbishment
If you have an ageing boat in your fleet, but it is still a strong hull, it is often worth a refurbishment service.  This is when we strip the whole boat back, check and refit it where necessary with new fittings.  We’ll repair or replace any damaged parts of the hull and repaint the shell with a gleaming gelcoat.  Your boat will be (almost) as good as new!

Historic Restoration of Wooden Boats
Race 1 has been building quality racing boats since the days of wooden rowing craft. When you have a rare and valuable piece of history to restore, Race 1 can provide the experience and know-how! 


Gelcoat repair
Sometimes you will just want the exterior surface of your racing shell re-coated.

Rigging setup is included with the delivery of every new boat, however you can take advantage of our expert boat rigging skills for any of your boats.

Decking & Canvas repair
The decking areas of boats sometimes wear out and become flexible.  This is bad for boat speed as it can affect the stiffness of the shell as a whole.  If you leave these too long you can find they crack or give way completely. The canvas (the upper section closing the boat towards the bow) can become worn or damaged over time, especially during transport to regattas.  Race1 can fix this for you.

Stripes and names
We add racing stripes and boat names.

For more information or to book your boat into the workshop please contact us