Wave Cutter for NOVICES

RACE1 is proud to introduce you to the Wave Cutter for NOVICES.

A stable, self-draining,
unbreakable sculling shell

This boat is hand-crafted in Australia specifically to meet the needs of novice rowers:

  • UNBEATABLE STABILITY: Excellent stability for rapid skills development
  • SELF-DRAINING COCKPIT: For enjoyable all-weather rowing
  • UNBREAKABLE HULL: Crafted from lightweight HDPE polymer using ultrasound technology
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE: Retains excellent performance & handling on the water
  • SLASH YOUR COSTS: Virtually maintenance free hull with a massive lifespan (20+ years)
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE QUALITY: Hand made & hand polished in Australia
  • UNBEATABLE SERVICE: Excellent local RACE1 service and after-sales care


The best possible foundation for your future elite rowers

As you know, the long-term success of your rowing programme depends on the quality of your foundation training. And single sculling has been shown time and again to be the ideal initial training regime for rowers. However, encouraging novice scullers is demanding. They tend to be hard on your equipment and require a little nurturing before their confidence and skills kick in.

A scull designed to give CONFIDENCE
and COMPETENCE on the water, FAST.

RACE1 Australia is proud to introduce you to a NEW type of scull design. A shell designed specifically for nurturing scullers from those first nervous strokes through to confident, relaxed oarsmen and women.

RACE1 Australia delivers a world first:
a stable, self-draining, unbreakable sculling shell

Stability: The new RACE1 Wave Cutter is hand-made to a Race1 boat shape, giving it excellent stability for skills development. But the self-draining cockpit and it’s revolutionary construction are what makes it a world first.

Self-draining: Thanks to a patent-pending design, the Wave Cutter features a revolutionary self-draining cockpit for all-weather rowing. Yet the seating position is conventional.

Durable hull: It has an unbreakable hull made of the toughest material ever used in scull manufacture. Yet it is lightweight and maneuverable.

Here’s how choosing a RACE1 Wave Cutter will help your foundation programme succeed:

  • Novice scullers gain confidence in boat handling, and feel more secure on the water
  • They develop blade-technique & balance faster than traditional sculls due to the boat’s stable hull shape.
  • They will glide through wash and waves thanks to the self-draining cockpit!
  • The unbreakable hull will not crack or break when dropped or bashed on riggers or trestles
  • Your training can safely continue in a wider range of weather and water conditions
  • You can easily stack and move the Wave Cutter around in sheds, tinnies and trailers
  • Your FLEET BUDGET will stretch much further. With a 20+ year lifespan and hull repairs eliminated, you can invest the savings in race-winning equipment for your senior crews

The 100% Australian-made hull of the Wave Cutter is hand crafted in Australia from high-density polyethelyne, a type of plastic used in medical applications due to its superior resistance to wear and impact.

Technical breakthrough: Our engineers have found a way to use ultrasound to measure and control hull thickness to within fractions of a centimetre. This allows us to create an unbreakable RACE1 shell with the low weight of more fragile traditional hull materials.

For novice and intermediate rowers, the Wave Cutter will provide a competitive platform for competition. The increased stability of a Wave Cutter means most novices are able to row faster - with greater ease, confidence and enjoyment.

We believe this boat will become the benchmark for foundation training in Australia and beyond.

Why not book a test row today and experience the design breakthrough for yourself?

Naturally the Wave Cutter comes with the RACE1 Triple Warranty (see our website for details).

Fleet purchase discounts apply – please enquire for more information.

If you are still on the fence, have a look at our demonstration videos showing the boat’s performance characteristics on the water - and our famous RACE1 ‘DROP TEST’.

  • Overall length (OAL) 5950mm
  • Width (widest) 650mm
  • Weight (unrigged) 19kg

  • Seats (roller bearing or double action)
  • Riggers (quick release)
  • Trolleys for easy transport
  • Nose cone (carbon fibre)
  • Storage systems