Dear website visitor.
I often list boats on this page but these days we are the last remaining boatbuilder in NSW so everything flies out the door and only end up here if they are not selling quickly straight from the factory.
So if there aren't any boats listed it might be that I haven't put them on the website yet - not because I can't help you.
If you are on this page, may I assume you're interested in a quality pre-owned boat?
If I'm right then please call me on 0419 602 205 today because I will most likely have one coming through the factory soon and be able to help you find your perfect match.
We deal in all brands of boat, not just Race1 because we see every type and size come through as trade-ins.
For various reasons this is a VERY good time to be in the market for a pre-owned rowing boat.

We often have trade in boats available for purchase. If you are looking for something specific just ask!

Contact us here for more information