Here are 3 boats I would happily recommend to my friends and family.   If you like the look of any of these you see here, come in and see them in the factory - Give me a call on 0419 602 205 (or use the contact form on this site) and I'll show you the boats; 



1.  Race1 Olympic class heavyweight scull

- fully refurbed and ready for you to win races.  

- perfect upgrade for a racing rower or aspiring speedster.  It is a thrill to see a near-perfect hull come back to the factory  the hull was  is SUPER STIFF.   All I had to do was refit her. 
As they say in the car ads, "FIRST TO SEE WILL BUY!"
  • This is a fully refurbished Olympic class single and is like new.  
  • Painted “Empacher” yellow  …….goes faster!
  • New shoes, stretcher, rigger (quick release) and smooooth slides
  • No damage and bang on racing weight 14 kg - why race with any more kgs than you need?
  • Only $4,000.00 including GST
Race1 Olympic Class - Refurbed
Above:  This is not to be missed - a fully FACTORY REFURBISHED carbon racing shell.  You'll never lose another race!

2.  Ausrowtec Scull Trainer

great trainer, very cheap

- Now under $1k - so cheap there is no excuse not to get on the water!   
 Buy this for $997, look after it, and most likely you'll sell it on at the same price if you want to uptrade to a Race1 one day.  But for the right use (holiday house? teaching kids?) you might keep this forever.  It's a top boat.
  • Fibreglass and foam construction in near new condition
  • Wing rigger
  • Shoes
  • Great boat for recreation, holiday use or as a first boat 
  •  $997.00 including G.S.T.
Above:  What a great boat for training or for recreation - take it to your holiday house and never stop rowing!




We often have trade in boats available for purchase. If you are looking for something specific just ask!

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